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Welcome to Opali, the vanguard of simplifying technological complexity. At Opali, we believe in the power of innovation to solve daily challenges faced by businesses and individuals alike. Our suite of software solutions is designed to enhance efficiency, improve synchronization, and foster seamless communication across various platforms. Dive into the world of Opali, where each product is a step towards a more connected and intuitive digital experience.

Our solutions

Calensync.live is your ultimate tool for harmonizing multiple Google Calendars. Designed for professionals juggling various schedules, this SaaS solution ensures you never miss a beat. Merge calendars, streamline appointments, and enhance your time management effortlessly with CalenSync.live.
Imagine having a conversational AI that understands your needs and assists locally, able to see local files easily. LocalAssistant.AI is a groundbreaking software that brings the power of ChatGPT-like interactions to your desktop. Utilizing OpenRouter models, it provides personalized support, answers queries, and performs tasks with a simple chat interface. Enhance your productivity with an AI that's always on your side.
Hook2Email revolutionizes how you send internal emails. With an easy-to-use API, this software allows for the quick dissemination of information within your organization, without the need for complex email server configurations. Whether it's automated reports, notifications, or announcements, Hook2Email ensures your messages are delivered swiftly and securely.